Triton Method, part 8


Today I finished installing all the dosers and mixing up my Triton Elements, parts 1-4, to begin dosing tomorrow. The hardware I am using are two Neptune Apex DOS dosers and two Neptune Apex DDR dosing containers. This will provide pinpoint accuracy in dosing and the containers hold 2 liters and I can monitor how much is left. Given my travels for business, automating the reef and having lots of control remotely is important, so I wanted to know how much is dosed, left in containers, etc.

It took me awhile to get the baselines in order, having started over a month ago.  I doubled the length of time Triton advised, from the report, so I could slowly raise the trace elements and play it safe. I also only added 1 element at a time, so I could monitor any impact, if it occurred.

Triton recommends I add 40ML/day of each element, Elementz 1, 2, 3A and 3B. I am going to start at 20ML and monitor the reef.

Using the Triton method you must keep a close eye on your reefs Alkalinity. It’s advised that it should be maintained at 8dKH. If it swings, you must adjust the Triton Elementz dosing. Not every reef is the same, so never just assume you should add X because of your water volume. Depends on how your tank is stocked will ultimately dictate it.

I will report back in a few days as my dosing continues. Stay tuned 🙂

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