Automobilia – Signs

This is a very large Exxon sign that was hanging in a frame at an Exxon in Maryland. I acquired it in 2019 and mounted it in my garage.

Land Rover porcelain sign
Located overseas and imported to me, this is a fully original Land Rover porcelain sign.

Original Wesley’s Quaker Maid Porcelain Sign
I purchased this on consignment at the Mecum road art auction in Harrisburg, PA. It’s all original, unrestored, 70 inches long by 12 inches high. I love the signs of wear it shows from years of hanging on a truck.

Marlboro Store Sign
This is your typical Marlboro store sign you would see in your local gas station in the ’70s and ’80s. This came from a station in Pennsylvania.

Gulf Reproduction Sign
I purchased this at a Mecum auction as a quality Gulf reproduction sign, with stamped certification.

Coke Chalkboard Sign

Nichol Kola

RC Cola

Gas Station No Smoking

Standard sign in the early days hanging around gas stations!

No skateboarding!

NAPA Auto Parts

Napa Parts

York County Garagemens association sign