1991 Land Rover Range Rover Classic

Current Mileage: 150,xxx
Major repairs since ownership (2018)
: Nothing major, see minor work below

I purchased this Range Rover Classic from a dealer near Raleigh North Carolina. The price was right and I bought it without visiting in person, which is always a huge gamble. I had it towed up to my house a week later. I was afraid looking for rust was going to be like a nightmare. Luckily, the seller was fairly honest and the rust wasn’t that bad. The driver’s side floor panel was replaced at some point and the rust in the trunk (boot) is minimal.

This car started its life in California. It lived in California until about 2004. I did a lot of research on it and found the business card from the car salesmen, in the booklet that came with the car. A sad story I learned when I did some Googling, he was murdered in the late ’90s. Evidently, his wife was having an affair with a cop. The cop showed up at his house and when he walked in on them, the cop shot the husband! This classic sure has some stories from the mid 90’s I bet!

Around 2004 it went to Utah. It lived in Utah from 2004 – 2014 when it made it’s the way to North Carolina. While in North Carolina a few more “overland” features were added, including the high lift jack mounted on the hood.  Admittedly, I would not have put it on the hood, but it’s on the hood so I’m keeping it as is, given the holes have been drilled.

I have completed a bit of minor work, as noted below.  Currently, I am trying to purchase replacement body panels, a backup hood, and other items, to store away to ensure I can keep this Range Rover Classic on the road for many more years.

12/13/2018 Replaced battery as old battery had dead cells. Used a NAPA battery
12/26/2018 Replacement wood trim (not pleased, will do a full interior job in the future)
1/2/2019 Replaced dome light plastic covers
1/25/2019 Replace fog light button
3/10/2019 Install new hood latch and pull cable (cable snapped)
3/10/2019 Fix door latches so all doors open and latch
3/10/2019 FIx rear seat latch so it latches
3/10/2019 Fix fuel door so it shuts (adjust actuator)
3/10/2019 Lube transfer case
3/10/2019 Check charging system
3/10/2019 checked brakes for wear and bled master at abs pump and Master cyl. Didn’t see any air so I didn’t proceed. Brake pressure felt fine.