Automobilia – Jason and Jack’s Museum

Automobilia is something I started collecting a few years ago, as a way to decorate the garage with historical artifacts I found at various auctions I attend, as well as private sellers.

I call it, “Jason and Jack’s” which is the start of an automobilia museum of sorts, I hope to open one day as my son gets older. The vision is to have a warehouse displaying everything, with a focus around combustible engines. Eventually, kids won’t even know what a combustible engine is, a gas pump, and other things such as this with the growth of electric vehicles.

The primary items I seek are old license plates, porcelain signs, old vending machines, pedal style mopeds from the 70’s, and unique petrolina items.

Below is a snippet of my collection and if you are selling anything, please contact me (, as I might be interested.

Please make a selection below to take a virtual tour of my collection:

Cans (Oil, gas, fluids, etc.)

1970’s Cola Cola Vendo Vending Machine

1970’s Wurtlizier Americana Jukebox

Automobilia Signs

Vintage Traffic Signal

License Plates

Automobilia Display Advertising (Wiper displays, bulbs, fuses, etc)

Gas Pumps

1970’s Mopeds and Motorcycles

Random Signs