Automobilia is something I started collecting a few years ago, as a way to decorate the garage with historical artifacts I found at various auctions I attend, as well as private sellers. I’m also planning to use all these items in a Land Rover museum I hope to open with my son, years down the road! (we can all dream, right?)

The primary items I seek are old license plates, porcelain signs, old vending machines, pedal style mopeds from the 70’s, and unique petrolina items.

Below is a snippet of my collection and if you are selling anything, please contact me, as I might be interested.

Land Rover porcelain sign
Located overseas and imported to me, this is a fully original Land Rover porcelain sign.

Original Wesley’s Quaker Maid Porcelain Sign
I purchased this on consignment at the Mecum road art auction in Harrisburg, PA. It’s all original, unrestored, 70 inches long by 12 inches high. I love the signs of wear it shows from years of hanging on a truck.

Vintage traffic signal
This was part of John Power’s collection. After successfully selling nine of his finest collector cars at Dana Mecum’s 31st Original Spring Classic in Indianapolis in 2018, John Powers of Illinois is now set to bring a prime selection from his Road Art collection to Mecum’s 2019 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania auction.

The quality of Powers’ Road Art offerings is right on par with that of the vehicles he sold in Indianapolis, meaning that this is one attractive and desirable group of collectibles, and all of it will cross the auction block on Saturday, August 3, 2019.

Vintage 1970’s Coca Cola Machine
I purchased this at the Mecum Auction for a great price! It’s a fully operating 1970s’ Coca Cola vending machine. It’s the famous vendo V154 model. I have this displayed in my garage and turn it on for fun.

Vintage cans

Household oil, windshield wiper fluid, motor oil, various automobilia I like to have in the collection