Automobilia is something I started collecting a few years ago, as a way to decorate the garage with historical artifacts I found at various auctions I attend, as well as private sellers. I’m also planning to use all these items in a Land Rover museum I hope to open with my son, years down the road! (we can all dream, right?)

The primary items I seek are old license plates, porcelain signs, old vending machines, pedal style mopeds from the 70’s, and unique petrolina items.

Below is a snippet of my collection and if you are selling anything, please contact me, as I might be interested.

Please make a selection below to take a virtual tour of my collection:

Cans (Oil, gas, fluids, etc.)

1970’s Cola Cola Vendo Vending Machine

Automobilia Signs

Vintage Traffic Signal

License Plates

Automobilia Display Advertising (Wiper displays, bulbs, fuses, etc)

Gas Pumps