Land Rover Collection

Jason Miller’s Land Rover Collection

Welcome to my Land Rover collection page! In high school, my dream truck was a black on black, Land Rover Range Rover. I imagined driving through the forest, crossing water trails, and looking stellar when I’m just driving around town. One problem, my budget simply didn’t allow that dream to come true.

Instead, I turned into a GM Guy. I started GM Performance Tuning, semi-restored a 1964 Corvair (sold it a few years later), turned a 1993 Grand AM GT into a race car with an engine swap, supercharger, and tons of upgrades.

20 years later and what seems like decades of life later, my wife and I purchased a 2007 Land Rover Range Rover HSE (L322) with the Jaguar engine. I was hooked. This was the start of our little Land Rover collection.

Our Land Rover collection is considered a “driving collection”. Each of these rigs is used and driven. Mileage is high and each has some character to them. The collection is not a “showroom” garage kept collection, however, that is not the intent. They are incredibly well maintained, documented, and logs kept. The hope is this Land Rover collection will continue for many years, each of them putting miles on and building the unique story of each car!

I would also like to give a special shoutout to the Land Rover facebook groups, friends that have helped, Hunt Valley Eurocar, and British Boneyard, just to name a few, that help keep our collection on the road and the story going.

2016 Range Rover Sport

Current mileage: 28,xxx
Major repairs: None

This was the first brand new off the showroom floor Land Rover we ever purchased. It was purchased in 2017 and it’s my wife’s daily driver. It’s truly a pavement and shopping mall queen. The advanced technology in these new Rovers is very impressive.

Minor quirks so far included it reading low coolant, which it was. No leaks are present and the dealer told us some coolant can evaporate. I never heard of such a thing, so I am keeping a very close eye on it.

2007 Land Rover Range Rover HSE (L322)

Current mileage:
Major repairs:
steering column replacement (2017),  air compressor, and airbags.

We purchased our 2007 Land Rover Range Rover (L322) used. The major repairs of the air compressor and airbags were expected. The steering column replacement was a bit of a shock, but a known issue on these cars as I later discovered.

This is used as my primary daily driver with the family and our beach cruiser every other weekend in the summer, from our house to Ocean City Maryland.

1999 Land Rover Discovery 1

Current mileage: 180,xxx

This Rover was purchased in fairly rough shape for only $500. After about 4 years, I was able to really bring it back to life. The CDL was fused up, brakes shot, electronics cooked, leaky sunroofs. You will find many updates throughout this blog on the various projects and you can watch the video I took in October 2018 with the updates to that point, click here.

Here is a complete list of the work completed as of June 2019:

Date Item
11/26/2014 Starter Replacement
12/12/2014 Fix Power steering leak
8/15/2017 Door handle
9/12/2017 Brakes and bearings
9/17/2017 Rear brakes and rotors
9/17/2017 Wheel bearings and Axle Seals
9/17/2017 Bleed cooling system
9/17/2017 Replace bleed plug
9/17/2017 Adjust steering box backlash
9/17/2017 Repair rear driver window regulator
9/17/2017 Reattach window switch
9/17/2017 Reset service reminder relay
9/17/2017 Headlight tilt hardware replacement
9/17/2017 Clean and paint brake calipers
9/19/2017 New windshield
10/2/2017 New Tires (General Grabbers)
9/28/2017 Inspection, Oil change, transfer case, and differential fluid exchange
10/11/2018 4×4 maintenance
10/11/2018 Fix windshield wiper fluid reservoir
10/11/2018 Investigate golf tee (was plugging windshield reservoir)
10/11/2018 Fix alarm so it works and doesn’t go off randomly
10/11/2018 Clean underbody and knock off the rust
10/11/2018 Replace all door seals
10/11/2018 Fix brake fluid leak
10/11/2018 Replace plastic over the license plate
10/11/2018 Fix drivers side door handle
10/11/2018 Replace inside drivers side door hinge
10/11/2018 Fix sunroofs, replace regulators, ensure they open/close
10/11/2018 Fix trunk handle
10/11/2018 Replace all audio speakers
10/11/2018 Replace all interior plastic trim that is cracked (Doors, boot door, etc)
10/11/2018 Replace dashboard clock
11/29/2018 Fluid Film unbody spray
4/12/2019 Replace tie rods with Terrafirma heavy duty
4/12/2019 Replace sunroof window seals
4/12/2019 Brake fluid leak – replace pads, calipers, and any faulty items

1998 Land Rover Discovery 1

Current Mileage: 189,xxx
Major repairs since ownership (2019): Nothing major

Story coming soon!

1991 Land Rover Range Rover Classic

Current Mileage: 150,xxx
Major repairs since ownership (2018): Nothing major, see minor work below

I purchased this Range Rover Classic from a dealer near Raleigh North Carolina. The price was right and I bought it without visiting in person, which is always a huge gamble. I had it towed up to my house a week later. I was afraid looking for rust was going to be like a nightmare. Luckily, the seller was fairly honest and the rust wasn’t that bad. The driver’s side floor panel was replaced at some point and the rust in the trunk (boot) is minimal.

This car started its life in California. It lived in California until about 2004. I did a lot of research on it and found the business card from the car salesmen, in the booklet that came with the car. A sad story I learned when I did some Googling, he was murdered in the late ’90s. Evidently, his wife was having an affair with a cop. The cop showed up at his house and when he walked in on them, the cop shot the husband! This classic sure has some stories from the mid 90’s I bet!

Around 2004 it went to Utah. It lived in Utah from 2004 – 2014 when it made it’s the way to North Carolina. While in North Carolina a few more “overland” features were added, including the high lift jack mounted on the hood.  Admittedly, I would not have put it on the hood, but it’s on the hood so I’m keeping it as is, given the holes have been drilled.

I have completed a bit of minor work, as noted below.  Currently, I am trying to purchase replacement body panels, a backup hood, and other items, to store away to ensure I can keep this Range Rover Classic on the road for many more years.

12/13/2018 Replaced battery as old battery had dead cells. Used a NAPA battery
12/26/2018 Replacement wood trim (not pleased, will do a full interior job in the future)
1/2/2019 Replaced dome light plastic covers
1/25/2019 Replace fog light button
3/10/2019 Install new hood latch and pull cable (cable snapped)
3/10/2019 Fix door latches so all doors open and latch
3/10/2019 FIx rear seat latch so it latches
3/10/2019 Fix fuel door so it shuts (adjust actuator)
3/10/2019 Lube transfer case
3/10/2019 Check charging system
3/10/2019 checked brakes for wear and bled master at abs pump and Master cyl. Didn’t see any air so I didn’t proceed. Brake pressure felt fine.