1991 Suzuki Carry All

Purchased: February 2021
Imported: October 2020
Kilometers: 82,451 on old engine, new engine installed April 2021 with 0 miles

The Suzuki Carry All is a legend in Japan and is a truck Japanese KEI Truck. This carry all was imported in 2020 into the port of Baltimore. I purchased it in 2021 to save it from the junkyard! What? Only a few months after coming into America? It has a major engine leak, spewing out. Turns out, the engine block had a hole in it. I purchased a replacement engine from G&R Imports and had my friends Justin and Nick install it at European Luxury Performance.

As of April 2021, the project is complete. New engine, overhauled the AC, and converted to updated refrigerant, and some other minor work and a full detail. Be sure to watch the highlight video below!

Clogged catalytic converter on the 1991 Suzuki Carry