Triton Method, part 9

Increased algae growth

My adventure began last October, so it’s been close to 3 months on Triton. No water changes have occurred and things, for the most part, are stable and I can enjoy the tank more. Coral growth has been great on the Zoas and Acans. The fathead dendros aren’t happy and I’ve since took many out of this tank and only kept a few. My dendros seemed happiest when my tank was new and not that stable. Very strange.

The current situation I am working with Triton on is the increased algae grow. I am not running GFO anymore. My phosphate is reading at 0.0069 according to the Triton report. I am going to measure Nitrates tonight and see where I stand. I have notice brown algae on some liverock and the back overflow. I have increased my flow on the MP40’s, as I was running them quite low relatively speaking.

I suspect my nitrates might be a little high given my Chateo in the fuge hasn’t been growing as much as I would like. I will report back once I speak with Triton and take more measurements. Stay tuned.

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