About Jason Miller


What about Jason Miller? Born and raised Northern Virginia and having lived in New York City, Northern Virginia, DC, Baltimore, and Pennsylvania. For his professional career, he has worked in nearly every state (40) in the USA, in depth work in Toronto Canada, and supporting roles in Brazil, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

His professional career started in 1997 as a web developer. Having worked for several companies in Northern Virginia and running his own web design firm, he eventually took a full time role at Jim Koons Automotive Companies in Vienna, Virginia and moved his residence to Linden, VA in the Shenandoah Valley.

While working at Jim Koons Automotive Companies doing digital marketing and information technology, he met his wife in Washington, DC. During this time, he refined many of the auto companies websites and information technology infrastructures. At the same time, working on his cabin in Linden, VA became a hobby.

After 5 years at Jim Koons, Jason went to work for an IT Firm in Dulles Virginia for two years.  During those two years, Jason most notably led a team of 5 to deploy (at the time) the most advanced electronic medical record (EMR) deployment in the country for one of the largest private medical practices.

Jason’s interest in real estate continued to grow and Amber helped him form Weekend Oasis Vacation Rentals, buying a rental condo at Bryce Resort in Basye, Virginia. This business now owns 4 properties, manages two large cabins, and owns 9 parcels of land and has been ranked among the best for vacation rentals.

Eventually, Jason and Amber (girlfriend at that time) moved to New York City. Jason took a job for a start-up in NYC doing website optimization and real time marketing. During those years, the company was ranked #1 for website optimization (AB / MVT testing) and Jason enjoyed two major acquisitions, eventually being acquired by Autonomy.

Jason left fully vested at Autonomy and helped co-found a start-up in Union Square in New York City, the leading search engine optimization (SEO) company. During this time, Jason and Amber got married in Winchester Virginia and moved to Baltimore, MD.

Since moving to Baltimore, Jason has now went to work full time for the largest privately held software company in the world focusing on real time marketing and IoT. Working from his home office in Maryland, Jason is able to be part of very large software sales to major companies and answering key business challenges related to real time marketing.

Jason is proud to offer some services for others to enjoy and for him to help those individuals grow their business and professional careers.


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