Sell your Land Rover

Currently, I am actively seeking out additional Land Rover’s to add to my personal Land Rover collection. Ideally, I target the east coast of the United States, from Maine to Florida, but will consider purchases from anywhere, even overseas as I have easy access to the Baltimore port. I also have shipping partners to make the entire process hassle-free and have closed deals in less than 2 days with the car on a trailer to my facility.

Your Land Rover has a story and each Rover I add to my collection, ensures the story and legacy of your Land Rover continues. From the 2003 Range Rover I adopted that had blown head gaskets, keeping it out of the crusher and letting the legacy of the Rover continue. It was the car the owner brought his kids home from the hospital and they wanted to ensure it continued to stay on the road.

Or the 1998 Discovery 1 I purchased, 1 owner, with a long history and maintenance record. Purchased in his late 30’s, used at his cabin in Maine, and took him on endless fly fishing trips across America. It wasn’t about the price, it was ensuring it went into the right collection. My collection is who he picked.

How about that 1991 Range Rover Classic down in North Carolina? Started its life in California, 20 years later it went to Utah and briefly landed in North Carolina before I purchased it. Endless camping trips and it’s funky headliner, I’ll ensure it takes endless camping trips with myself and my son.

Please contact me (Jason Miller) and let me know what you have and perhaps we can come up with a deal. E-mail is best, or call 703-468-1823