1998 Land Rover Discovery 1

1998 Land Rover Discovery 1

Current Mileage: 189,xxx
Major repairs since ownership (2019): Nothing major

Having a collection of Land Rovers is something many don’t understand. They can be fussy vehicles and keeping aging rovers happy and on the road, requires work.

Early in 2019, I met a gentleman that lives in Castine, Maine. It’s a beautiful picturesque area of Maine and he had a passion for his 1998 Land Rover Discovery 1 that equals the passion I have. The stories of the car, the legacy they have, and a desire to ensure it continues. I was referred to him and told he might be selling a really solid 98 Disco 1, in Maine …. I imagined a total rust bucket. Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

While this Discovery 1 has been driven, it’s bee babied. I’m the second owner. I have the window sticker and a stack of maintenance records. I’m converting them to digital and logging in excel, to really build the history of this car. But, how could a Maine Discovery 1 be in such stellar condition?

In 1998, when purchased, it actually lived much of it’s live in Georgia, garage kept. When he purchased a property in Maine, be moved the car to Maine but only really used it in the summer, for his passion with fly fishing. It was garage kept, never driven in the snow or exposed to the elements. The underbody is proof of this. The leather isn’t ripped, the features all work, and the paint is in relatively good shape for a 22-year-old Land Rover.

As the proud owner and adding it to my collection, I’m excited to continue its story and keep it in excellent condition for many, many years to come!