Mice with a 2007 Range Rover L322

With the Covid-19 pandemic, my cars are sitting for much longer extended periods of time. This was my daily driver, so I never had any real preventive measures like the other Land Rovers in my collection for mice. I commute my son around, run errands, and all that fun stuff. Keyword, my son, who is a toddler. Early March, life was normal. Around March 13th Maryland went into a lockdown, schools closed, and we really stopped driving. I parked the Range Rover L322 under my carport behind the main garage. I neglected to clean my sons car seat, ensure any lollipops he had and other candy was done.

Mice entered, droppings were found, and in a matter of weeks (maybe days!) they chewed some wires. We live on a bit of property that backs up to a huge farm. Admittedly, I am always worried about mice but just didn’t worry about them in this car.

This video will explain the preventive measures I took and how to access a common area where they nest and chew wires. In my case, my dome lights and wipers were acting up! Here are the pictures of the job:

Hunting for mice nests and damage
Wire damage
Mice droppings
Wiring damage

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