1999 Land Rover Discovery I

Yay! Added a new Land Rover to the collection. Last month, picked up this 1999 Land Rover Discovery I. The Discovery I, some will argue, was the last of the best. Less complicated in the electronics department and often times heavily modified for true off-road performance. In production from 1989 – 1999, with 1999 being the year they split to the Discovery 2. This is literally one of the last US production Discovery I’s that came off the line.

This truck needs some TLC just to make it legal in the state of Maryland for the safety inspection. I plan to spend the next few months getting things in order and a list of all the additional work required.

What’s the long-term goal with this 1999 Land Rover Discovery? Simple. Get it back to how it was when it rolled off the showroom floor, but enhance it slightly with better wheels, safari roof rack, and a snorkel for water passages. Learn more about the Land Rover Discovery.

Stay tuned to follow this adventure.

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