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July 31st – August 3rd the mega car auction company, Mecum, visited Harrisburg, PA. I have been watching Mecum for a bit and wasn’t able to attend the auction in Harrisburg last year. But, this year, I ensured I was in town and able to go up and take part! It’s an absolute blast if you are a car guy! The size of the event is amazing. Over 1,300 cars rolled across the auction block. Some sold for $500, some close to $1M! The beauty, all the cars are accessible. You can look at them, take pictures, and be right in the mix with them.

I had my heart set on adding a VW Eurovan to my collection. Unfortunately, I did not win. But, I won 3 auctions at the road art auction, which was happening down the hall.

The energy, excitement, thrill of winning, and overall happiness of the place is just wonderful. Pair that with amazing cars, any of which you can own if you are the high bidder, really makes it an event I plan to attend each year, especially given it’s so close to Baltimore. Below is a short video to give you an idea of the action.

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