Bye bye NAS

An old dusty relic is sitting on a table in my office now. Up to this point, I wasn’t willing to move all my office documents into the cloud. I don’t know why. All my financials are already in the cloud with my bank. I submit my taxes electronically. My photos all go to Google Photos.

It was plugged into a gigabit switch in my office, mapped as the Z drive on my network computer, with the name JAMZ NAS. A relic, but was used daily.

All my personal files dating back to when I first got into web development in 1997 was on this NAS. Well, they progressed from a shared network drive on a windows machine to other NAS devices that failed, to eventually landing on this NAS 5 years ago when we moved to the suburbs in Baltimore County.

However, being mobile, continued to drive me to log into a PC in my home office, accessing files, and logging off. I didn’t like the cloud storage backup solutions, for the most part, so gave up hunting for one.

Although, all relics have to eventually become a relic and so was the time my NAS became just that.  My decision was to leverage Google Drive for all files. Over a few days, I moved everything over and unmapped my PC’s from the NAS.

For over a month I let it hang on the network, just in case. But, today, having not accessed it in a month, I unplugged it in all her dusty glory and threw on a work table in my office.

Maybe I’ll let it sit a few months, in a glimmer of hope it might get fired back up for a fire I didn’t copy over?

In all honesty, being fully on Google Drive is far superior. Having the app on my phone, PC’s, everything all seamlessly accessible is lovely. I even switched to using Google Docs more than Microsoft solutions, simply because of the ease of editing while on the road.

RIP Netgear Nas.

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