Triton Method, Part 3

Putting a plan of action together

With the results in, I put together a plan of action to transition to the Triton method. I wanted to go at this very slow and cautious.  Also, my goal was to have the triton team by my side and they have been very helpful thus far.

Here is my game plan:

  1. Send water in for test (done)
  2. Review results and adjust levels using Triton products and dosage they advise (doing over the next 2 weeks)
  3. While I have a sump, I wasn’t growing Chateo. Tomorrow, I’ll have my light installed and Chateo will follow shortly after
  4. As algae is growing and I adjusted levels to what they advised, I plan to send another test in (probably 2 weeks)
  5. On the 3rd week, begin dosing Elements using Neptune DOS dosing pumps, controlled via my apex

Chateo will go in tomorrow and begin to grow. I will slow start to adjust levels this Friday and over the following week. I will be adjust at slow pace than they advised, with precise control and monitoring over what I am putting in.

In about 3 weeks, a test will go out to Triton for results based on what I adjusted. Once we feel results are stable, Elements can begin to dosed.

Stay tuned for part 4, the sump and fuge light.




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