Mecum Kissimmee 2020

As you may know, I like to buy Land Rovers to add to my collection and future automobile museum. Last year, I went to Mecum in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, it was a blast. I purchased some automobilia. This year, to kick things off, I flew down to Kissimmee (Orlando) to attend the 2020 event. It’s claimed to be the largest car auction in the United States and I believe it.

I had 3 cars I wanted to bid on: 1973 Land Rover Santana, 1978 Land Rover Range Rover Classic, and a 2006 Range Rover Autobiography. I didn’t win any. But, I made really good connections.


  • Even if you don’t buy anything and only enter on the $20 attendee pass, it’s the nicest “car show” you might see. I was around cars well over $1M, frequently.
  • You can stay an entire day and not get board. Between the live entertainment, vendors, endless rows of cars, the auction, lively food court, you’ll find something to entertain yourself.
  • Deals were available early in the week.
  • It’s well organized and doesn’t feel crowded


  • You will notice many people attend just to participate in the event, not bid. They are not permitted to the main bidding area.
  • While deals could be found, it was generally on cars that were more common. I found reserves placed high ($30,000 on a Santana) on 2 vehicles I planned to bid on.
  • Parking sucks. It poured down rain on Saturday and you park in a grassy field. It was a wet mud pit leaving. I did not wear shoes planning for this.
  • Like any auction, it’s loud in the bidding area, if you intend to stay for much of the day.

Mecum Videos

Mecum Pictures

Please enjoy my random photos below and the videos I took at the event.

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