Day 23: My personal nutrisystem quest

It’s day 23. A new shipment of frozen and dry food arrived. I made a few changes, eliminating stuff I hated such as the zesty pizza bite snack. I also had to adjust my selections, as I was a little aggressive with frozen food, which caused an issue when I traveled.

The past 23 days, I’ve lost 15 lbs. I want to share with you my thoughts, 23 days into the program:

  • It works – my results speak for themselves. I have added NO workouts to the program. I plan to introduce workouts after 30 days on the program. I do get lots of steps during the day, coming close or beating 10,000 easily. My fitbit also shows I get 60 minutes of activity most days, from various house projects on my days off or running around airports when traveling for work.
  • I never feel hungry – honestly, the first week sucked. But, once I figured out the schedule of snacks for me and stick to the program, it’s filling and I don’t feel hungry.
  • Turboshakes – I look forward to them and they seem to make me very focused and full. I take 1 a day, usually around 2pm.
  • Business travel – I travel a bit for work (enterprise sales) .. I had to modify my food that is shipped to be to include more bars. I travel with a muffin for breakfast, a bar for lunch, and popcorn and other dry snacks. Usually, I have a customer dinner, so I try to eat as healthy as I can for this.
  • I cheat – Once a week, usually Saturday, I splurge on a cheat meal. Maybe it’s Chipotle, maybe it’s a burger at the burger place, whatever. I find this helps keeps me happy and I try to be mindful not to go crazy, but I don’t really hold back.
  • Cereal (I cheat continued) – I like cereal, the kind 5 year olds eat – fruity pebbles, fruit loops, fruity dino-bites, etc. If I want a bowl before dinner, I eat a small amount. I don’t log it .. but think it’s better than going to bed hungry.
  • Vegetables – I don’t eat all the vegetables I should .. This past month I’ve only paired green beans and carrots with a few meals. Most nutrisystem entrees I don’t add any salad or vegetables. I intend to do this more in the coming month, especially as I add a routine workout schedule.
  • Soda – Yup, I drink it .. I haven’t changed drinking probably 4 coke zeros a day.
  • Water – I don’t drink enough, but I drink much more than I used to prior to starting this. I usually chug a pint at a time. Weekends, I’m terrible.
  • Weekends – keeping my “cheat meal” for the weekend has made weekends much better

Those are my 23 day Nutrisystem ramblings. Honestly, I’m not perfect on this. I find the food tastes fine. I am not a foodie and love the ease of getting my food in the mail, eating, and being done.

If I can lose 15 lbs in 23 days, so can you.

Next month, I will be more focused with a workout schedule, water, and vegetables. I want to drop another 15 over the next 30 days, getting me to a 30lb loss.

Stay tuned.


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