Range Rover classic interior wood trim

1991 Range Rover Classic

You might recall my post in March (interior wood trim I didn’t’ like for Range Rover Classic) about my progress on the shifter and window control wood trim areas in my Range Rover Classic. After getting the old out and getting the replacement trim in, I wasn’t pleased with it. I knew from the start, it wouldn’t fit perfectly. At that time, I elected to do nothing and keep bare wood.

Fast forward 2 months and I’ve determined the only way to get it how I want will be to have a craftsmen make custom pieces, finish them, and I install. However, this won’t be cheap and not high on the list of things to use the restoration budget for. It’s probably a 2020 project when I get to the interior (carpet, seats, trim).

As a result, I figured since I had the replacements, why not use them and report on how it installs, they hold up, etc. I purchased the kit from Rover Classic (http://www.roverclassic.com/index.php?page=parts) for $115.

This is the evolution of how it looked:

Just as I determined before installing, this replacement is not a perfect fit. It doesn’t cover the top edges and you can clearly tell it’s peel and stick. At the price and how the finished product looks, I simply don’t think it’s worth it.

Enjoy the video!

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