Marriott shared communal shampoo dispensers

Nasty. They will call it being green … saving plastic … and other trendy things to make it seem like you are saving the earth (Blah, Marriott Hotels are installing in shower dispensers). Sure, in theory, it helps. But, I am not convinced the risk is using these is worth the reward.  Let’s face it, many people are nasty. They have nasty ideas, angry human beings, and I am sure somebody, somewhere, will “spike” this communal dispenser with who knows what!

But just maybe, everyone is clean and responsible like us? But what about the cleaner going to town with bleach to clean, spraying them? They are hardly watertight, many without a seal or gasket to achieve this. I guarantee cleaner is getting into them.

Just to demonstrate my displeasure, I made a quick video the last time I stayed at a Marriott property, A-Loft Brand in Long Island City, New York (Queens).

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