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As I research this beast I purchased and start to build a punch list of items I need to address and parts I need to source, I found some interesting tidbits about the 1991 Range Rover I wanted to share. It makes me feel kinda special, given I have 1 of only 3,471 produced for the United States. I’m certain that number is drastically lower of 91’s that still exist in the USA.

Number built: 3,471 for the United States

First 1991 built August 29, 1990

Last 8 digits of first 1991 U.S. Spec. Range Rover VIN MA465228

Base Price $44,475 (increase of $5,900 from 1990)

Curb Weight 4,401 lbs. (an increase of 12 lbs. from 1990) Hunter was less than the 4,400 lbs.

Gross Vehicle Weight 5997 lbs.

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