Range Rover Classic initial maintenance

1991 Land Rover Range Rover Classic

I’ve started putting the list of work I have to do on the Range Rover Classic. Even though it was freezing cold out, I was able to play around a bit today since I got my Maryland historic plates for it, meaning, I can actually drive it beyond my house! I took it out on the main road and while getting gas, got a few looks 🙂 I like to imagine those were looks of people appreciating the classic!

Initial “to do’s” on the Range Rover Classic:

Item Comments
Back passenger seat Won’t latch, can pull down
Fuel door Won’t latch and comes open when you drive
Sunroof Opens, but doesn’t shut all the way
Hood Shuts, but doesn’t latch every time and you can manually pull open to latch
Center console Look for a replacement for peeling wood that is coming up
Gear selector Replace so you can see letters?
4×4 Investigate why 4×4 low won’t engage
Passenger front door Will not open from the outside
Battery light Comes on and goe’s off .. check battery ..
Fog light button Doesn’t always “stick” when pushed in
Brakes Check brakes, ensure all in order. Very firm brake pedal

So, nothing too scary. I hope to get a fluid film application very soon. Below are a few pics I took today. Pretty jazzed up about the LED lights on the front!

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