Marriott shared communal soap (part 2)

If you recall my post back in April, MARRIOTT SHARED COMMUNAL SHAMPOO DISPENSERS, you will remember I showed how nasty these communal dispensers are Marriott is moving to. The goal, less plastic waste from the little individual bottles. The fact is they are not tamper-proof. As I showed in April, it wasn’t locked and I would put anything in it for an unsuspecting guess to wash their hair and body with.

Again, I checked into a Marriott Courtyard this past month (October 2019) and a “new and improved” communal dispenser, still not tamper-proof. It wasn’t locked, I just lifted it up and could put whatever I want in the dispensers and place it back. Gross.

Soon enough we will hear about an awful story resulting from these communal dispensers. I will continue to avoid them.

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