2000 Land Rover Discovery 2

Building a Land Rover collection is fun and always has me on the lookout for deals. Recently, this Land Rover Discovery 2 popped up in White Hall, Maryland, not far from me. After a bit of back and forth, I got the seller down to $250 and told him I would drive out and look at it. He said it needed extensive engine work. After looking at it, I went ahead and purchased it for $250.

This car was going to my friend’s shop near York PA, so I got the paperwork and deal done and an hour later, it was on a flatbed heading to his shop. We would make a decision to either fix it or part it out. Parting it out would result in a small profit, so it was a deal that made sense.

The next day, the decision was made to part it out. It needed extensive engine work and had a fair amount of rust. So, we are listing everything on the forms and other enthusiasts sites and slowly selling it before the rest goes to the scrapyard. I’ll cover my costs and make some cash and my friend will make some easy cash. Best of all, we were able to salvage parts to keep other Discovery 2’s on the road!

The decision was made, per the video below, to part it out due to engine issues.

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