Haverty’s Furniture Pickup

Just hauling some furniture!

I try not to be one of those people that make issues bigger than they need to be on the internet. Everyone has a bad day and makes mistakes. But, just like I tell everyone, you need to expect everything to be recorded.

Last week, my wife and I purchased about $3,300 worth of furniture from Haverty’s in Towson, Maryland. It looked great in the store and the measurements seemed to be in line.

Opps. Once we got it, we realized it just wouldn’t work for the room. It was way too much furniture and we needed smaller pieces.

Haverty’s was excellent. They offered to pick it up and refund us 100%, minus the delivery fee. We scheduled a pickup for August 23, 2017.

They showed up on time and I loved being able to track the truck. When they arrived, I was on a conference call for business. Our house cleaner was kind enough to show them the room and get them started.

To access, they would need to walk through the backyard, up 3 steps on the deck, into the master bedroom. I saw them moving items and thought, great, all is well.

A few minutes in, I heard a constant noise. It is getting closer to my office. I looked out my office window and saw the mover simply flipping the end tables over and over to move them towards the truck. Drawers opening up and wood pieces falling everywhere. Totally wrecked furniture that was brand new when we bought it.

Wow. It makes you think if they are this careless moving the items, they clearly must be totally overpriced!

In all, the damage was:

  • Broken pieces of wood all over our bedroom
  • Giant hole in the back of the dresser as they said they wouldn’t get the mounted mirror off so they just ripped it
  • Night stands that were tossed around like they were doing cartwheels a good 300 feet from the back of the house to the truck
  • Mud marks from where they threw items into the ground prior to walking down the steps

This is no money out of my pocket, I realize that. So, some might say, why should I care? Simply put. Think like an owner in these situations. If I didnt’ say anything, how many thousands of dollars is this crew costing the store? They destroyed over $3,000 (retail MSRP) worth of furniture just on my pickup!

Shown above, examples of the pieces of wood left in the bedroom after they finished. Sad.

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