1975 Land Rover Series 109 Pickup

Deep in the woods, along a creek outside of the Conowingo Dam in Cecil County, Maryland, rests a 1975 Land Rover Series 109. Purchased for $9,000 in 2007 from a British Imported in North Carolina, this former 109 was a British Military vehicle. Since 2007, it hasn’t left the woods. Cruising in the woods and along the creek, where it eventually came to rest for the past 3 years. The owner passed away and the son is selling the estate and this series 109 has an opportunity to leave the woods and move onto the next owner. Will it be me? Follow along as I chase this 1975 Land Rover Series 109 Pickup, deep in the woods, even with clowns (literally) mounted high up in trees!

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Jason Miller

Enterprise software guy, Land Rover collector, and real estate investor.

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