Triton Method, part 6

Adjusting the baselines

My last posts outlined the start to the Triton Method conversion on one of our display tanks. For part 6, I am now adjusting the baselines.

After ordering all the Triton Method products and getting them in last week, I started to put together my plan to adjust the levels, per the initial report Triton provided me. I am doing 1 element, per category. Very slow, for sure. While I only have maybe 6 areas to adjust, it will take about 3 – 4 days to slowly adjust each area. So, that alone, it will be about 24 days of dosing to get the baselines adjusted per Triton’s adjustment level guidance. At that point, in 1 month, I’ll send another report in. My HOPE is that report will come back with solid levels and I’ll begin the elements daily dosing.

The first element I am starting with is Calcium. This adjustment will take 4 days, about 37ml/day for 3 days and 16 ml for 1 day. After calcium is adjusted, I’ll move onto my other elements.

I did find the report confusing, simply because I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

CA Analysis:
397.70 mg/l

440.00 mg/l

Under my adjustments I am reading:

Total 4 days
37.9/ml for 3 days
16.52/ml for 1 day

I was getting confused because I was simply adding up total adjustment level and it was reading higher than the actual setpoint. Triton was kind enough to set me straight

The Ca reading is measured in mg/l (milligram per litre) and the adjustment dose is measured in ml (millilitre).

1ml of solution doesn’t equate to 1mg/l increase of Ca.

So, using my numbers, with the set point being 440mg/l and my sample being 397.70mg/l, I have a deviation of 42.30mg/l.

My correction dose equates to a total of 130.22ml, this means that for every ml of Ca solution in my system volume, it will raise your Ca by 0.32mg/l.

Away I go .. I should have my Calcium in line by Thursday morning.

Stay tuned 🙂

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