Triton Method, part 12

One year later

Wow .. it’s hard to believe, but I’ve been on Triton for 14 months! I started the blog posts on my Charm City Corals site, but as that site grows, I wanted to keep all my blogs in one area, so I moved them over. If you are reading them, that is why the dates all show December 2016. The journey started in October 2015, when part 1 was created. With that being said, I wanted to provide a brief update.

I haven’t did a water change since September 2015. This has made the reef hobby much more enjoyable to me. I’ve battled with some algae outbreaks, but nothing major. Many of them are a result of the sky lights in my entryway, above the tank.

The cost of Triton is worth it to me. The quarterly tests I send off and supplies I buy are worth the time I am saving.

My tank growth has pleased me. While some corals I simply can’t grow (wall frogspawn, no dice. Branching frogspawn, great growth) I’ve adapted to what works in my little ocean.

I am going to create a video and an updated tank shot to show progress since last year. Thanks for reading.

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