Triton Method, Part 11


It’s been a few weeks since my last post, well, I guess over a month! At that time, I was battling algae. It’s easy to get discouraged and upset, but I tried to stay level minded and slowly battle it. I wanted to avoid any drastic measures. The main things:

  1. Triton advised I turn my GFO reactor back on
  2. I adjusted my lights .. I think I had them on too long and my mid-day level wasn’t ideal (these are new radions in which I am not an expert with yet)
  3. I would dose about 20ml a week of Redsea No3Po4x to combact

My P04 was never high, always near 0. But, my P, phosphorous was a little high. This is what I was combating which we believe was causing the algae.

As I type this, all algae on rocks is gone. A bit remains on the back wall, nothing major, so much improved.

My calcium is low, so over the next 3 days I’ll manually adjust using Triton Base Elements around 30ml/day.

You can see my conversation back and fourth on the Triton support forums, located here.

I’ll adjust a few other base elements, per the Triton report, and send another test off mid April. I plant to increase my triton daily dosing from 20ml, per 4 items, to 30ml, per 4 items, which they call for. I was a little hesitant and wanted to start slower than they advised. Stay tuned for my next report and adventures in my journey into The Triton Metod.

PS: My last water change was September 25, 2015.

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