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My office is my home office. If I’m not on the road attending meetings or working on projects, you’ll find me in my home office. But, often times I might be on a conference call and need to address someone at the door. I use home automation to get a notification when someone enters my driveway and I have a camera on the driveway as well as the entrance door. But, I have no ability to “talk” to them. So, I determined I wanted to replace the area on my wall that had a lovely 1980’s Nutone intercom system.

Welcome to Ring, the wireless doorbell and camera. I just ordered it today, but it will:

  1. Provide another alert when someone walks up to my door (so I will know someone entered driveway and not physically at the door)
  2. Provide the ability to see them on the camera (I do have this with another cam today)
  3. BUT, enable me to greet them

The benefit, I can tell someone I’m wrapping up a call and go to the door a minute later.

It HAD to work on a mobile device. My home office is in a separate building, so I’m not always in my house, just across the driveway. But, sometimes I’m in the house working. So, this functionality had to follow me, on my phone.

Below is a link to Amazon where you can learn more. I’ll do a full review and install write-up in the coming days. Stay tuned.

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