Name that alarm! 1997 Toyota 4Runner

Turns out, from the manufacturer my newly acquired 1997 Toyota 4Runner project didn’t come with an alarm. Nor, did I get a key fob when the truck when I purchased it. But, per my last video about getting locked out I knew an alarm existed on the 4Runner. It was also discovered the random switch, under the steering column, was to enable valet mode! But, how do I sort what alarm I have so I can order a new fob and program it?

To do this, you must find the alarm module! Generally, you can trace it and get a good idea based on the wire on the valet switch. Also, from my personal experience, it seems to always be under the steering column under the dash. Luckily, they are easy to access, just 4 10MM bolts holding it in.

In this video, I’ll show how to sort what alarm you have, based on the alarm module, how I access it on this 1997 4Runner, and what it looks like.

Hope this is helpful!

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