Land Rover Discovery 1 seat bezel plastic

Discovery 1 Broken Plastic Seat Adjuster Trim

One of the things that constantly bothered me on the 1991 Land Rover Discovery 1 restoration was all the broken plastic bits I had to source. Most noticeable to me, was the drivers side plastic seat adjuster trim piece (bezel). I tried finding them used, from people parting out Discovery 1’s, with no luck. Next, I tried to source from Land Rover parts shops and while they had them listed, they kept telling me they were no longer made. Finally, I pulled some parts catalogs, got part numbers, validated with some others on the forums, and found several aftermarket solutions that worked perfectly.

The part number will be AWR-2211 (left hand, US drivers side) and AWR-2212 (right hand, US passenger side) for both the passenger and drivers side units. These parts are available through MTC Parts, but to buy direct, you would need to go through a supplier. Lucky enough, I found they sell directly on Amazon:

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