Discovery 1 water sloshing

Discovery 1 Water Sloshing Sound – air in the coolant system?

While driving my Land Rover Discovery 1 I would sometimes hear water sloshing behind the dash, on the passenger’s side. What could it be? It would usually happen when I would accelerate around a corner. It literally sounded like running water. After some research, I was told it’s probably air in the coolant system. The Land Rover Discovery 1 was not running hot nor overheating, so this was surprising to hear. But, in the same conversation with other Discovery 1 owners, some (mechanics) claimed they see it frequently in the D1 and it’s hard to fix as it’s very mysterious. I’m not losing coolant, it’s not overheating, and it doesn’t happen constantly. What do I have to lose? Let’s see if it’s air in the coolant system and give this a go. I have nothing to lose!

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