1998 Land Rover Discovery 1 Update

Restoring these old Discovery 1’s is a journey. What started out as a bad wire between the wiring harness and the crank sensor led to a lot of other work. Turns out, the exhaust manifold stud is cracked and it’s best to buy a new manifold. The hope was, this was causing a leak that was making the ticking sound. Yes, this was a leak, but more issues were noted.

Head gaskets were never done on Discovery 1 and as we all know, it’s a “maintenance” task on older Land Rovers typically. This was certainly the case on this rig. Now the journey on replacing the head gaskets was going to commence. Caleb is handling this work for me at his garage and I hope to get it back at some point in January.

Below are some pictures of the continued journey on this Land Rover Discovery 1.

Crank position sensor wiring

As pictured below, somebody previously spliced shielded 18/2 from the crank position sensor right next to the ignition coils. This caused the Discovery 1 not to start and it was spliced very poorly.

Below is the new wire properly spliced!

Exhaust Manifold

Next, replacing the exhaust manifold as the old one had a broken stud.

Exhaust manifold has a broken stud
Exhaust manifold removed
New Exhaust Manifold

Head Gaskets

Next, we start to tackle the head gaskets on this 1998 Land Rover Discovery 1. The process is still going, but here are some initial pictures.

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