They leak because they love you!

Took the 2003 Land Rover Range Rover L322 to run some errands. The first issue is I put the passenger window down and it wouldn’t go up. No worries, I’ll sort it when I get home. Get to the store, load things up, and cruising down the road. I recognize that smell .. coolant. Engine temp jumps, the car is running warm, engine coolant explosion under the hood. I have no time to sort all this, called for a tow to get it taken to European Luxury Performance and have my friend Justin sort it.

I truly want to love you and treat you right .. my little BMW V8 L322 Land Rover Range Rover, but you don’t make it easy.

Coolant, Coolant, everywhere
They leak because they love you?
When you own a Range Rover, you need two. My 2007 L322 came to the rescue
I wanna love you my little L322

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