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Ok, they got me. Technology + bassinet + baby = sleep. I read about the Snoo and initially wrote it off, $1,000 for a bassinet? This was pre-baby.

Baby arrives and we quickly learn the 1 bassinet we have isn’t enough. We need one for the other bedroom, so we can move around easier. Lots of research later, we landed back on the SNOO.

Turns out, the price dropped to a little shy of $700. They also offer free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee. Seems like it was the right time to give it a shot.

First impressions:

  • I dislike the app setup. You have to enable airplane mode and manually turn wifi on to connect. I would have though disabling mobile data was enough, but nope. I only discovered this by reviewing the reviews in the Google Play store of the app
  • It’s beautiful. The design is stunning, a really nice piece of furniture that looks good in the room
  • They do a remarkable job packaging it. It came from California to Maryland in perfect condition
  • Shipping is slow. It took 5 days to arrive .. in the days of Amazon 2 day for everything, 5 days felt like a year
  • Easy to set up .. it took me literally more time to remove from the box than actually setting up
  • The baby seems to love it .. tonight will be the first night using it, so I’ll have a follow-up video

First impression video:

The SNOO is available on Amazon

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