Roof Top Tent + Range Rover Classic + Car Cover

As much as I would love to imagine I could park all my rovers inside a garage, I simply don’t have that ability. So, it leaves some sitting outside. The Range Rover Classic sits under a carport, but, the sides are open. Dust gets in and I try to keep them as clean as possible. My challenge was, this Rover (1991 Land Rover Range Rover) is equipped with a rooftop tent as well as a side awing. Getting a custom made cover is super expensive and still wouldn’t be perfect due to the side awning.

Initially, I would throw a tarp on it. But, once a week, a big storm would blow the tarp up, no matter how much strapping I did (within reason). So, I measured the height of the Range Rover with the rooftop tent and determined it was roughly the same height as a Chevy Express E-350 van. I had a great discount code and could get this cover for like $120 from, so I purchased it. Below is a video showing how it fits and in my opinion, the easiest way to install it.

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