Peloton Bike Slow Speeds

We purchased the Peloton Bike in 2014 and used to work flawlessly. In 2018, we purchased the Treadmill, needless to say, we are heavily invested with Peloton. However, the customer service has been useless to resolve a connection issue we have. For the past year, the Peloton bike has been horrendous. Essentially, live classes just spin.

All technical support will do is have you do a “hard reset” and they mail you a hat in the mail. Frustrating. I wanted it fixed. After speaking with folks online, I have discovered the screen uses an old network card, max 2G speeds. They claim recent updates with live classes require a high demand and the old bikes, with the old cards, struggle.

Peloton will naturally point to your network and claim it’s not fast enough. Here are a few technical facts about my network:

  1. Verizon Fios
  2. Ubiquiti 24 Port managed switch with gigabit speeds
  3. Ubiquiti Unifi Access points

Using a speed test, my wifi typically hovers around these metrics:

Not too bad. I work from home, use IP Phones, Video Conferencing, and beyond. When we use the equipment, none of this is occurring. My point is, my network is set up for optimal speeds, using the best hardware to achieve this, plugged into a fiber optic line by Fios.

Building upon this, we have no issues the Peloton Tread, on the same network, we achieve blazing speeds! Clearly, we are pointing to a hardware issue with the bike.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Plugged bike directly into Ethernet, same issue
  2. Eliminated Ubiquiti network and went directly on 2G Verizon Route Wifi, same issue
  3. Turned up 2G on Unifi access point, same issue
  4. Master reset on the bike, back to the factory, same issue
  5. Moved bike directly under access point, same issue

Peloton Speed Tests on Verizon Access Point (2G)

Peloton Speed tests on Unifi Access Point 2G

Peloton Speed Tests on ethernet

As the data shows, we struggle to get high speeds on this bike. But, is it our network? The speed report of other devices would argue it’s not. Also, we have another Peloton device, the Tread. The speeds are blazing fast on that!

How do we fix this Peloton? We really want live classes to work again. Please help.

Here is my video documenting everything:

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