Nutrisystem: Day 4 update

It’s day 4 .. I’m chugging away with the program. So far, I’m down 6.5lbs.  I don’t feel hungry in the mornings, but nights are the worst. I’ve accustomed myself to a snack every night, after dinner, while lounging around. Kicking that habit has proved to be the hardest.

Here are my candid thoughts thus far on the Nutrisystem program, only 4 days into it.

  • Turbo takeoff: I didn’t realize, when I ordered the uniquely yours for the first month the first 7 days were this turbo take off. I did not select the food and it’s less than what the rest of the weeks will be. Yes, I’m seeing results .. but it also makes me hate the program a little. I have 3 more days left and the dinners left are things I hate (I don’t eat beans) and the lunches left are just bars (I hate the idea of a bar for lunch — I like hot food). Perhaps I didn’t read the program enough, but I think this shouldn’t be something that is just part of the program out of the gate, unless you request it. I get it, you’ll lose 10 lbs in the first week and get great motivation, so that is why I am sticking to it. But, maybe let people have a selection of packages, versus just something you send them?


  • The app: Sometimes when I scan Nutrisystem food, via the bar code, it can’t find them. Strange and annoying, but you can search for it by name.


  • I’m a man trapped in a women’s weight loss session: I don’t like any of the LEAF blog posts or general posts they make. Nutrisystem needs to target content better. I am bombarded by women with measuring tapes around their waist, things about self confidence, and information about teddy bears I can win for weight loss. It’s clear, Nutrisystem for Men has simply been updated with a little more food and some flashy marketing materials to attract men. But the guts of the program makes me feel like I’m attending a program for women and the only guy, getting strange looks by everyone else. They need to sharpen this up. I want a prescriptive program, no BS, to the point, easy. I don’t need all the emotional support, teddy bears, and blogs that are nearly 100% geared for women. Target your content. You know my gender, age, weight, height, plenty to have content that interests me. It’s Sunday, all I’m thinking about is drinks and wings .. have something about this, it would attract my interest.


  • The powder container food: You shake the container, remove the top, add water. Put in the microwave for what they call for, let stand with foil over the opening for 5 minutes. What I discovered, you must let stand longer than 5 minutes and stir a few times while standing. Otherwise, you get what I got below with the loaded mashed potatoes:

Expected this:

Got this:

Straw anyone?

  • The pizza: I loved it .. but it’s super small. The good news, last night, I was craving pizza. This fit the bill. I honestly felt full after eating it.

  • The turbo shakes: I love them. Just throw in 8OZ of water, the powder, and ice cubes .. shake it up .. drink it down. I have the chocolate. I look forward to these around 2pm daily.


  • Pamphlets, pamphlets, and more pamphlets: I don’t like how Nutrisystem bombards me with paper. Track this, hand write this, oh, use our app as well. I would prefer quick 1 page PDF’s (or similar) and just the app. I literally have like 4 quick-start guides, tracking food when going out, way too much. Maybe some people like this. For me, makes it look complicated.

These are just some of my ramblings this morning. If you take anything away from this, please know, the program is working. I’m down and will easily lose 10lb’s the first week.  I don’t feel angry or hungry, as I usually feel full. The nights are hard, so I push my snacks later in the day to try to accommodate this.

Stay tuned.

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