Mansfield Quantum model 503 pressure assist toilet

Mansfield Quantum pressure assisted toilet

I replaced a Kohler traditional flush toilet in our master bedroom with a Mansfield Quantum model 503 pressure assisted toilet. This unit is powered by the flushmate pressure assist device, giving you a very quick and powerful flush using 1.6 gallons per flush. You must have a minimum of 20 PSI water pressure for this to work.

Initial thoughts:

  • Powerful quick flush – no need for a plunger, ever
  • It’s loud given it’s in a small room in the bathroom
  • While it’s loud in this room, the noise in the bedroom below is not as bad as a standard flush, which you would hear the water in the pipes much longer per flush
  • It’s the comfort height, which is nice, but what our Kohler was as well

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