Land Rover Range Rover key won’t turn

Three years ago I replaced the steering column in my 2007 Land Rover Range Rover. This was supposed to be a long term fix for the dreaded issue that plagues these L322 Land Rovers. You get in, the key won’t turn! If you disconnect the battery or pull fuse 18, that gets you started one time. But, as soon as you remove the key, the same issue again.

Basically, inside the steering column is a spring mechanism that gets stuck. What I discovered is I could lubricate this and unstick it, fairly easily. As I type this, it’s been 2 months and I’ve logged close to 3,000 miles with no issues since the fix. I truly believe some preventive maintenance by way of lubrication on the inside of the steering column is a good thing.

I’ve also rigged up a very nice bypass for the fuse. This will act as a backup, just in case it acts up again. Open the glove box, hit a switch, wait 10 seconds, away you go. No pulling fuses or disconnecting batteries. I am selling these for $25 + shipping.

I hope this DIY video to fix the key won’t turn the issue on your Range Rover helps!

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