YouTubers buying buildings

I’m buying a building! Jason and Jacks!

Welcome to Jason and Jacks, our museum building! Our YouTube channel is really just a hobby … a hobby that has grown over the years with things we collect, restore, and have fun with. While we have lots of space at our house, admittedly, I want a place that we can spread out a bit more and continue to have fun projects. We considered an addition to the house, but the cost just didn’t make sense. I stumbled upon this welding/fabrication building for sale, about 1 hour and 10 minutes from my house. The price was right! Zoning was perfect! Truck accessible! Close enough to Harrisburg Airport .. and it can be a place we store our stuff, work on projects, and regardless of where our “home” is in the future, this building will store our collections! Being close to Harrisburg airport and I81 was a major plus.

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