1987 Mercedes Benz 300E W124
1987 Mercedes Benz 300E W124

Hunting a 1987 Mercedes Benz 300E W124

Buckle up and follow along as I head out on this hunt! I’m off to look at a 1987 Mercedes Benz 300E, which is the W124. Mercedes-Benz hit its stride with the mid-range E-Class in 1985, introducing a number of features which are taken for granted today. The 1986 300E featured a fuel-injected SOHC 3-liter six-cylinder engine developing 177 bhp. Although it was a big, heavy luxury car, it could outperform contemporary sports cars like the Porsche 944 and IROC Camaro, with a top speed of 140 mph and 0-60 mph in 7.8 seconds. Will I add this car to my collection? Let’s find out!

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