Easy Egg Peeler – Egg Stractor

My review of the easy egg peeler by egg stractor. I get sucked into these gimmick sponsored ads and as expected, a total gimmick. Doesn’t work!! But, good for a laugh!

They claim if I’m not happy, I’ll get a refund. Let’s see if that holds true! Enjoy the video and my lovely peeled egg 😛

Outcome: Total gimmick
Price: $9.99
Purchased from BlueCrate.com

They say, “fed up of fussing about peeling your eggs? Getting the shell everywhere? Well with the Easy Egg Peeler this will soon be a distant memory.

The Easy Egg Peeler makes peeling boiled eggs quick and easy.

You just tap the bottom of the egg, place it onto the stand, and then with a couple of quick pushes of the pump, your egg will pop out the bottom, with the shell all gone.

The Easy Egg Peeler is dishwasher safe.”

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