Discovery 1 with General Grabber AT2 tires

After I got the Land Rover Discovery 1 street legal and passing the Maryland safety inspection, I put better tires on the truck. After lots of considerations, as I have posted about, I am doing mods to this truck to make it more capable but trying to maintain the overall look and stock appearance as much as I can. this means, no lift and no cutting for bigger mud tires. I want to do this, because finding Discovery 1’s around here that aren’t modded, is truly becoming a rarity. My thought, when this truck is 30+ years old, it will set itself apart in its mostly original condition.

As a result, my tire choices were somewhat limited on what could fit and keeping the stock wheels.

After much research, I landed on General Grabber AT2 tires. Aggressive enough and good traction. So far, I am pleased.

In the coming months, I’ll test them in the winter snow and hit some mud. Stay tuned.

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