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Dad shirt time!! Our son was born January 24th at 12:29am. What an adventure it’s been. The past month I’ve been off, but going back to the office Monday. As you probably know, my office is my home office. I travel a bit for meetings, but generally at home. Amber has 4 months off, so we have lots of baby bonding time between the two of us before we are both at work.

dad shirt by lalabu

I love holding him, but sometimes you just need two hands. For instance, I’m typing this blog with him right under my chin, wearing my dad shirt!

When it arrived today, I had him in it within seconds. The past hour Jack has been chilling with me. I will say, the XL fits snug on me, mainly around my well-chiseled belly 🙂 The website seems to only show dads about half my size and really hip, so I’m not surprised it’s a little snug on me. Around my arms, it’s really tight, but I like to imagine that is the result of my massive guns 😛

Adding the baby in the sack, it holds him really well. I wish I would try the other size on and see, but for now, this works.

The dad shirt retails for $75 and can be found on Amazon. If you are a dad, I highly recommend it.

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