Chicken Coop water heater – automated

Here are some more details on the chicken coop water heater automation I have.  First and more important, I already have a full house home automation system setup. This makes my entire house an IoT (internet of things) device essentially. Most of my wall outlets, switches, sensors, all communication back to an ISY 994 Device. This enables me to control all my smart home devices.

From the foundation I have, I went ahead and connected my chicken coop into the system. Watch my other video for a walkthrough on the various automation items.

I decided to install a module outside to hook the farm innovators chicken water heater into the system. With the click of a button, I can turn it on and off. More importantly, I have a software module installed on my ISY device that connects to local weather stations. From this, I programmed the heater to cut on at specific points to keep the water from freezing. This ensures it’s not running 24×7 and much safer.

Items required for this install:

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