1997 Toyota 4Runner

This is an odd one for me, as I generally only purchase Land Rovers or really unique cars. Neither of which this 1997 Toyota 4Runner is. An opportunity came to me to purchase this from an elderly neighbor who was the original owner. It’s on great shape, for being 23 years old and well maintained. Just as when I buy Land Rovers, I ask for service records. This Toyota took me back, the stack of maintenance is not my 4 inch pile I’m used to getting with my Land Rovers.

It’s pretty basic inside, but fitting for the age. It has some features I love, like the rear window glass, that goes up and down. The shifter feels cheap and too big, not what I’m used too. It handles very well, brakes very good, and runs quiet.

Upon my purchase, I had to do some extensive cleaning. It was left in a garage for about a year with the sunroof half open, so lots of dust and random bugs got in. All electronics work and the AC is ice cold. The engine bay was very greasy, so a proper engine cleaning was in order.

My plan is to sell this, but like all my projects, I’m attached so it. The price was right, so very little money is tied up. For now, it’s part of my car collection.

Before cleaning

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