1991 Range Rover Classic Rust

If you are familiar with Range Rover Classics, you know they rust from the inside out. Drivers floorboard, passenger floorboard, and the boot (trunk) are all areas that literally can rot. Remember that 1993 Land Rover Range Rover Classic rust bucket I purchased?

I store my range rover classic under a carport and usually under a cover, under the carport. It sits on a very well-drained gravel pad. The issue is condensation can get inside and the carpet padding holds it like a sponge. For the past 2 years, I’ve monitored the carpet padding and use things such as DampRid inside the cars while they are parked. Even so, I’ve noted the carpet padding retaining moisture. As a result, I’ve decided to remove the carpet padding on the driver’s floorboard, passenger, and the entire padding in the boot. I cut the padding back in the passenger area, about 14 inches from the doors but kept the padding in the middle area as it was dry.

Next, I used Waxoyl (black hardwax) directly on the floorboard of the driver and passenger side. These areas had noted surface rust. While minor, it’s still any area of concern. I also used a rust preventive cavity fill inside any areas I could get to the floorboard. I let this dry for about 2 hours before installing the carpet directly on top. Admittedly, I’ve only used waxoyl hardwax on the underbody but felt it couldn’t hurt on the floors for this application.

Next, I used a clear application of waxoyl rust preventive on the entire boot floor and the black hardwax on areas that had noted rust, especially near the tailgate. You can use a product like fluidflim on the floor, to get a nice oil protection. Once done, I put the carpets back directly on top.

It’s my belief this will provide a level of moisture protection that wasn’t present, but also ensure the carpet padding which was acting like a sponge will not retain moisture. My hope is to get many more years out of this vehicle without having to worry about replacing floorboards. Below are a few pictures.

Carpet and padding removed, floorboard has slight rust which I will treat
1991 Land Rover Range Rover carpet padding acts like a sponge, holding moisture
Range Rover Classic carpet padding acts like a wet sponge sitting on top of your floorboards, rusting them
Passenger side floorboard in the 1991 Range Rover Classic. I dried, vacuumed, and applied a wax oyl hard wax layer to the entire floor
Range Rover Classic boot. You can see rust towards the rear tailgate area.
Showing the black hardwax rust treatment after I cleaned the boot area. The rest of the boot area I sprayed with a clear film.
Carpet installed, no padding

The entire project took about 2 hours. I was shocked how heavy the padding was and how wet some areas were. I believe this is the best approach on any Range Rover Classic and adding the rust preventive spray, you can’t go wrong. I was told without the padding you would have more road noise, but on my 12 mile drive (speeds 60 mph) I did not notice this.

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