1981 Comuta-car Acceleration Issue

If you recall, I added quite a unique car to my car collection, a 1981 Comuta-car! It’s super rad, but, also super finicky and trying to sort an issue takes hours of testing, multi-meter in hand, and tracing wires. I am trying to resolve one big issue, it won’t accelerate! While it’s awesome to look at, getting this car to some shows by September 2021 is my goal. In this video, Morrison comes up to give me a hand, as admittedly, electrics aren’t my strongest area of expertise. We believe the issue might be a faulty controller? If so, what controller will we replace it with? We also need to repair some wires damaged by mice and replace the brake switch. This video is live in my garage, working on the 1981 Comuta-car. Enjoy.

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