1969 Cushman Town and Fairway Golfster

Hello 1969, light green, cigars in the golf cart, and total grooviness! I picked this 1969 Cushman Town and Fairway Golfster at the Mecum Indianapolis auction last year, July 2020. It wasn’t getting much love on the auction block, as it’s showing it’s 52 year old age and it wasn’t running! I saw an amazing piece for my collection!

The hammer dropped and I was the winner! A few days later, I arranged shipping and it showed up at my house. I spent a few days tinkering with it, but couldn’t get the carburetor quite right. I sent it off to my friends shop and he fixed the carburetor for me. The items I completed to get it running:

  • New Battery
  • Replace the neutral safety switch
  • Air filter
  • Cleaned gas tank and cleaned gas lines
  • Rebuilt the carburetor
  • Changed Oil
  • Changed spark plug

With that, the 1969 Cushman Town and Fairway Golfster is running, good enough to cruise around my property and take my son for rides. From the factory, they would only go 12 MPH, quite the slow machine with the 10HP Kohler Engine. However, mine is a bit slower, as it seems the clutch isn’t kicking it up when the RPM’s go higher. It’s a centrifugal clutch, so I’m told, and I plan to dig into this further and try to get it going faster.

I love this thing!

Bringing it home
Kohler 10 Horsepower Engine
10 HP Kohler Cast Iron engine
The 60’s were groovy.
Endless rounds of golf always causes a few dents 🙂

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